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What is the best possible future for Frisco?
Become an economic AND Cultural hub for N Texas!
Jul 07, 2014 Tom C49

Frisco is growing leaps and bounds and has done a remarkable job of attracting some of the best sports, shopping, dining, and lifestyle venues in the region. As a Chicago native but now a proud Texan, I feel as though there is a real lack of cultural inclusion, celebration, appreciation and adoption throughout the metroplex and the state at large. With that said and with the highly educated and diverse population living within the city limits, Frisco can elevate its status further by now focusing on cultural education, attractions, and social/religious organizations that will expose and engage our citizens in ways that makes us better global citizens while remaining a bright light for the state of Texas! While we honor and respect the history and past of this area, the land, and its people, we must maintain our "progress in motion" mantra by engaging and developing our citizens through progressive integration of rich culture and an appreciation for the arts!

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