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What are your comments and questions about the draft 2015 Comprehensive Plan?
STEM-Focused Urban Center: Planetarium & Arboretum
May 15, 2015 Brooke C7

I see that the comprehensive plan includes an urban center north of Main in East Frisco. While West Frisco is now home to more sophisticated retail stores and restaurants, as well as larger development projects, such as Wade Park and the Star, etc., I think it is crucial that Frisco's various planning commissions focus their attention on bringing valuable development to East Frisco. I would love to see that Urban Center referenced in the Comprehensive Plan (currently Brinkman Ranch) that partners with area companies such as Raytheon to develop a STEM center for students and adults with planetarium (closest one is currently in arlington) surrounded by a large arboretum and community garden (for food banks). Office buildings could surround this STEM center. It would be a tremendous resources for area schools, and also provide some nice outdoor space, which is greatly needed in a city with high density retail and housing development.

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Omaha, Nebraska
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