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What are your comments and questions about the draft 2015 Comprehensive Plan?
Need more attention to being seen from the outside in.
Mar 10, 2015 Rob Z1

Great Process - Great Plan. Much good exists as to how we want to see ourselves from the inside. However, we need to pay more attention to first impressions and how we are perceived as one enters Frisco. This means proactive attention to declaring Legacy to be a tree lined 4 lane road - not passively retaining the 6 lane paved over eventuality from the prior Comprehensive Plan. Then we need to go further at all entrances including escalating the timetable for the TODs, especially the Transit Oriented Development at our southwest corner where the railroad first enters Frisco. Its presence on 121 near the Nebraska Furniture Mart and Toyota HQ will draw attention north to Frisco. Everywhere one first enters our city limits, whether by rail, car, bicycle or on foot, our visitors need to "feel" like they are entering somewhere special. There is no defined transition. For all you know you are still in Plano - or Prosper.

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