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How can Frisco make the most of its natural assets and limited resources?
make frisco greener
May 05, 2014 pam D11

We can use more environmentally friendly designs in commercial and retail areas.

- Using green roofs in retail and commercial environments: http://www.greenroofs.org/index.php/about/greenroofbenefits
- limit ceiling heights in retail spaces so that electricity isn't being wasted on A/C during our hot summer months
- require commercial, retail, and subdivision landscaping use local drought tolerant landscaping
- we have been in water restrictions for a couple of years and there likely will be more in the future-- require that new homes use grass that require as much water to get started and maintained
- allow discrete wind generators at homes, commercial, and retail spaces to make use of our windy springs and fall seasons so we can use renewable and clean energy. Would also require that HOAs cannot restrict wind generators.
- require trees in parking lots for every "n" number of square feet to provide natural shading, break up the heat from the concrete, and clean our air.

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Omaha, Nebraska
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