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How can Frisco make the most of its natural assets and limited resources?
Commit resources to water and land sustainability
Jul 07, 2014 Tom C49

Before too long, the growth and development in Frisco will slow and maybe even forced to do so faster as water resources run dry. This city MUST do a better job of detailing the thought, planning, and effective due-diligence we hope is being conducted on our water supply constraints. It is NOT good enough for our public works director to simply say, we have plenty of water to grow but not enough to waste. It's an oversimplification of a critical issue and one that has not satisfied the highly educated citizens of the city. I would like to see supported and well thought out growth estimates, the checks/balances/controls that should exist on building as water supplies dwindle, what our contingencies are if expectations don't hold true, and how are city can provide for its residents if growth must be slowed...

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