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What actions in the next two to five years would do the most to keep or enhance the things that you like about Frisco?
Keep "open space" as opposed to developing every square inch.
Dec 31, 2014 Anthony B12
Keep "open space" as opposed to developing every square inch.
Longhorns on Brinkmann Ranch

If I wanted to live in Dallas or Plano, I would have bought a house there. I came to Frisco because it was more open. In the past 5 years, I've seen fields of houses grow faster than cornfields. What was once pretty pastureland, with horses or cows for the kids to see, is not just more houses.

I'd like to see Frisco prominently keep or deliberately place historical and natural attractions "in the way" of development. Let our kids continue to see a horse ranch, farming, and more so our kids can know where our food comes from, and what animals look like, without having to drive an hour to a zoo.

Make future Frisco development less about big highways & "the grid" and more about designing a community to be a community, without 6 lane highways cutting through it. Look at small European cities with their pedestrian zones and small roads for guidance. Citizens are never far from farm fields and places to "get back to nature" without needing a car to get there.

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