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What is on your wish list for actions to be taken in 2015?
Bring in higher quality, not more of the same.
Jan 05, 2015 Lorene W

Enough of the Walmarts, major chain/fast food restaurants and average grocery stores! Bring in specialty stores and individual or small chain restaurants (Perry's was a great move). Frisco wants to be memorable! Let's make it that way!
We need good groceries, not a Kroger with an identity crisis. Check into bringing a Central Market to Frisco. They have more organics than Whole Foods , a HUGE fish and meat market, to die for breads and cheeses and just about everything you can imagine. It's to-go section is as extensive as Eatzi's too! It's Market Street on Steroids!! And everything is FRESH!

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Omaha, Nebraska
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