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What could we do to make Frisco a healthier community?
Need a place to get away from it all
Aug 12, 2014 pam D11

Back to nature. Create enjoyable green spaces. There's a running theme that I want more trees in the parks, particularly over sidewalks and trails, but I still think we need open green areas for the kids to play kick ball or roll down a hill without hitting a tree. I noticed that our parks' trails also lack benches throughout (not just clustered in one place). Find a nice look out point and create a nice seating/visiting area. Keep the tall trees already growing in an area instead of cutting it down when you develop it for parks or new construction. While we want to be an active community, there are still needs for benches, such as little toddlers where a fifth of a mile is still forever, or parents who need to feed babies, or those who are building up endurance to rest.

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