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What is your vision for transportation in Frisco?
When new roads are built, they encompass service roads.
Sep 16, 2014 sadie U

Service roads would eliminate the need for so many, many traffic lights. When Eldorado was 2 lanes it was quicker to use. Expand it and now there are 5 traffic lights (Oh we can go shopping though); and the roads in the city are hard to use to get anywhere--a traffic light on every corner. Service roads would eliminate that and allow traffic to flow. It now takes me almost 1 hr and 1/2 every day to get home from work. Also, if Teal went all the way to the the 121 toll road, it would eliminate traffic going to Legacy and then going west on Stonebrook to get back to Teal or Main. As you know Main (The Colony) is a nightmare. There are not enough roads to carry the traffic.

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