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How consistent is this Vision Statement with your views of a preferred future Frisco?
"High quality- People Oriented design..."
Nov 25, 2014 Anthony B12

In order to do that, we need to actually be PEOPLE oriented, as opposed to car, or business oriented.

I see lots of news about new businesses, Dallas Cowboys, new roads, construction cranes, highways, etc. And so very little about pedestrian walkways, public transit, buses or trolleys, pedestrian centers where no cars are allowed... heck even a nice, sizeable "downtown" that encourages families to spend an afternoon together.

As it is, the parks are big, and far away from other activity centers, like the one library, history center, unbuilt railroad center, and the Discovery Center that is far and away from anything at all.

There's no pedestrian (PEOPLE) centered heart to the city.

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