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How consistent is this Vision Statement with your views of a preferred future Frisco?
"Effective and sustainable use of limited resources"
Nov 25, 2014 Anthony B12

I watch Frisco expand and develop the roads within it, specifically Main Street evolving from a 2-lane rural stretch of asphalt, into a 6-lane divided, concrete superhighway with hundreds of lights and hundreds of trees and freshly planted grass all down the middle- just like the Coit Road upgrade from Main Street to Eldorado.

I think of one key thing:
Those trees and manicured grasses need thousands of gallons of water that wasn't needed before, as well as constant mowing that wasn't needed before. Water in an area that's been at Stage 3 water restrictions for well over a year, with no end in sight. Lakes over 10 feet below normal levels. The roads were doing fine without water before being "developed" so why do they need to be "developed" in such a way that we have to deplete our precious water resources... just so the cars have something mowed to race past? No one complained when it was natural bushes and grasses- never watered. In fact, it was preferred.

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