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Should future development along the Dallas North Tollway (DNT) form a 'spine' of more intense uses?
Ok, but make it interesting (and eye appealing)
Jul 10, 2014 pam D11

No more car dealerships along the highways (121, Tollway, 380)-- I don't want to drive through our city looking at big parking lots of cars and I don't want others to think of Frisco as just the car dealership city as they drive on the highway through Frisco-- we are more than that. If we have to have car dealerships, let's find a way to incorporate trees and interesting surroundings so it is not just a big slab of concrete, or hide the big lots in the back so we can have more interesting features or other revenue buildings in the front along the highway. No more cookie cutter shopping centers. Every shopping center and office building here is starting to look alike so much so that it is non-descript... almost all are tan painted or red brick, they have austin stone, etc.Let's make it visually appealing and add personality to the city.

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