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What connections, mobility improvements and travel mode choices will make it easy to get around Frisco in 2035?
Frisco line to connect Metroplex and make Frisco destination
May 05, 2014 Scott S106

A rail on existing line would be a great connection to/from the entire DART/TRE system. Call it "The Frisco Line" and match the Frisco iconic emblem. Stops:
A-Frisco Square area by Toyota stadium and the Railroad Museum (a destination for others).
B-West Plano stop (Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, Parker Road).
C-Carrollton station (connecting to DART green line), providing a one transfer option to downtown Dallas (http://www.dart.org/maps/printrailmap.asp), or northbound to Denton and Lewisville Lake stops http://www.dcta.net/about-dcta/a-trainroutemap.html)
D-Las Colinas stop (connecting to DART orange line), giving a one transfer option to DFW or Love Field, and direct to Las Colinas Urban area where many people commute from Frisco.
E-South Irving final stop (connecting to TRE, giving another one transfer option to Fort Worth, Downtown Dallas, AAC, and all other TRE stops). Could also continue on and blend to the TRE service westbound to Fort Worth. (Frisco to Fort Worth Line)

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