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What should the central area of Frisco be like in 20 years?
Plow it under. It is stuck in the middle - no differientation
Jun 17, 2014 Rob Z1

There is nothing compelling driving Main between Preston and DNT, or even going a few blocks either way. This neighborhood will NEVER be unique, so start over or wall it off and abandon it. Declare a new heart of Frisco that can be unique like the San Antonio Riverwalk. Create a vision of a world class destination and abandon trying to work around today's Main. We are too new a city so focus on NEW, not what is barely old in comparison to America and the world. Differentiate! Frisco connotates trains so lets have more than a train museum lets have Trains and Train Stations to rival San Francisco's Cable Cars, even if we have to make them electric or disguised LNG busses.

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