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Should Frisco seek a university campus or center? If so, where?
Urban university center/consortium on DNT in expanded downtown
Jul 30, 2014 Steve C71

Most great cities/major employment centers have plenty of higher ed options in the city - we do not, yet. An urban university /corporate training center provides space for multiple schools to offer courses our citizens & non-citizen employees need - grad courses from top tier universities, undergrad courses for adults to finish a degree from a variety of schools, health science courses, continuing ed in a wide variety of subjects, a place for online students to gather & collaborate, corporate training space, incubator space for business start ups, meeting space for local groups, a place for tutoring sessions & private lessons, space for the arts community to thrive & be at the heart of an active downtown - endless possibilities. This facility could be a true downtown gathering place/community center attracting foot traffic throughout the day, evenings, & weekends supporting more restaurants, etc. If done right, it could be a major recruiting tool to bring more businesses to Frisco.

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