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Should Frisco seek a university campus or center? If so, where?
Jul 10, 2014 pam D11

There are so many universities already in the Dallas area... we would have to compete on either price, degree/course offering, and/or location. For degree/course offering, there is already universities in the area that are known for certain subjects (UNT - music, UTD - business and engineering, etc) so we would have to pick a subject with wide appeal but not already being met by a local university. Location - Frisco (and immediate surrounding cities) is so family friendly I don't think we would be among first choice of traditional students just coming out of high school, but we could be first choice among those getting an advanced degree or the older students who didn't get a chance to go to college earlier, or the students with families. Price - we could try to compete on that, but we sacrifice in other areas of the university (ie lower quality teacher/professor, no accreditation, etc) that this would be a huge obstacle to overcome.

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